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About Clare Dodwell

Get To Know Clare

I came to yoga relatively late, re-discovering a love of movement that has  been there since childhood. At my first yoga class I felt weak and inflexible but through regular practice my body started to change and I became stronger and more supple. I also experienced a calming of the mind, a letting go of mental stress and a greater sense of wellbeing. Sensing there was a lot more to yoga than the physical postures, I embarked on the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course in 2012, to learn more about the philosophy and history of yoga. I remain a member of the British Wheel of Yoga, and attend regional training days and workshops.

My passion for yoga grew and between 2013 – 15 I undertook the 200 hour Yoga Campus Teacher Training course at the Life Centre in London, graduating as a Yoga Alliance accredited teacher in 2015.  As well as my formal teacher training I have studied with and been inspired by nationally and internationally acclaimed teachers including Liz Lark, Susanne Lahusen, Michael Stone, Alessandra Pecorella. I practice locally at Yoga Venue Oxford in classes taught by Alessandro and Katie.

Alongside my yoga teaching I work at Oxfordshire County Council in the Public Health team, commissioning services for children and families in Oxfordshire including health visiting and school health nursing, as well as leading work on improving mental wellbeing.

Values & Principles

As a teacher, I am guided by the following values and principles:
• Inclusivity – everyone can do yoga – men and women, old and young, from all cultures and backgrounds. I keep my prices low and offer concessions so that cost is not a barrier
• Safe practice – I give clear and precise instructions, guiding you safely into postures with the correct anatomical alignment. I offer modifications in postures to make them accessible for all, for example if someone has an injury, medical condition or is pregnant.
• Authenticity – my teaching is based on what I have learnt from my studies and what I have experienced in my own practice. I offer suggestions and guidance and expect students to do what feels right for them, because every body and every practice is different.
• Self development – I am constantly learning from reading, my own practice, studying with other teachers and from my students. I like to have feedback from students to help me develop
• Empowerment – my role is to help you discover the many dimensions of yoga. I seek to encourage, inspire and guide you to find your own path and practice